Transform your business with MarTech and achieve remarkable sales and marketing results

Start Seeing Greater ROI’s with MarTech

We use the power of machine learning and AI tools to build an Martech ecosystem where you understand your customers like never before. This Martech ecosystem captures customer journeys and create soulful personalized campaigns across funnel, that immediately connects with your audience segments.


For example, if you know what information your customer needs to sign-up or call you, you can create amazing value propositions, product messaging, sales copy and email campaigns that excites them to reach out to you to discuss a business opportunity. This process is called funnel nurture.


The same can be applied at a stage where your customer is 30 days into the trial or a negotiation stage and is thinking about buying, you send out highly targeted messaging, giving them information that build trust and maturity (such as a relevant case study or a work guarantee) in turn making it easy for them to convert.


With a combination of MarTech stack, Audience Segments, Personalized messaging, Digital Marketing Campaigns and Analytics, you can start seeing a visual growth story of your company and outperform your competitor in no time.


And here’s the best part - everything can be setup & running on autopilot and your company grows automatically. Your customer data gets valuable overtime and is an investment that brings lifetime gains.

Improve Your Decision Making

Finding Growth Opportunities


We understand the challenges of finding new growth opportunities for businesses, while still keeping up the day-to-day demands of the business.


MarTech stack provides a scalable way to run experiments and measure results without stretching your team too thin. Your MarTech stack collects and delivers clean customer data to quickly run tests and evaluate results.

Create Highly Targeted, Personalized Ad Campaigns


When you run ads on different channels, all your data is segmented on so many platforms, making smaller audiences & segments, a complex time consuming task making you default to generic audiences that don't convert


That’s why a MarTech stack implementation strategy can automate the manual process to create highly targeted advertising audiences and decrease cost per conversion by at least 21%.

Expand to offline stores


One of the toughest decision an ecommerce store has to take is when they have to scale to their first bricks and mortar store.


At this point, It becomes increasingly important to understand all your customer touchpoints, both online and offline.


A MarTech stack enables a retail business owner, understand the Omni channel user experience and how online spend influences offline behavior.

MarTech Service

MarTech Consultation

Empower your leadership, sales team, and marketing team with the knowledge that will help them understand what’s stopping their customers from converting

We build Tech Stacks for:
  • Growth Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Customer Journey
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Analytics & Metrics
  • Reporting & Dashboards

MarTech Setup

We arm you with the right tools, knowledge, and support you need to make your lead generation and inbound campaigns a long term and ongoing success.

Our MarTech setup is a 10 week growth program that includes:
  • MarTech Implementation
  • One-time Inbound Campaign Setup
  • Content Creation
  • 12 Month Growth Plan
  • Analytics & Metrics
  • Track & Measure Results

Optimizing MarTech

Already using a set of tools, but not sure how to see promised results? It’s probably that its not set right or your team is not using it effectively.

We can help you optimize your current stack to:
  • Reduce Subscription Spent
  • Improve data capture process
  • Audit inbound campaigns
  • Set Dashboards & Monthly Reporting
  • Train & Onboard Team

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Why MarTech Stack’s Have Become A “Must-Have”

If your business wants to increase customer retention, drive customer LTV, or understand which customers are ready to upgrade, you need a MarTech Stack.


Customers are interacting with businesses across more channels making this previously simple relationship much more complicated.


With fragmented customer relationships, we require new tools that help support these complex and circuitous customer journeys


With the introduction of the GDPR, the CCPA, protecting your customer data is crucial than ever.


Businesses are expected to track, store and unify all customer interactions on web & mobile apps both


You need a stack if you think of going from “How do we acquire more customers?” to “How do you grow lifetime value?”

How To Get Started?

We have created a growth program, to make sure your
MarTech Stack is set up for complete success

10 - Week Growth Program

This program is for any type of business who is looking for a long term digital strategy that aligns with their business challenges & goals and helps them grow.

Our Growth Program is aimed at building a one time set up of your Marketing technology aka MarTech Stack to capture your customer behavior, analyze their behavior to build inbound strategies that nurture them through the funnel and optimize the campaigns for greater ROI’s.

Our clients who go for this program stick with us for at-least a 12-month contract of lead generation and inbound marketing activities to see continuous growth.

Who is this program for?

Marketing Managers & Business Owners who are looking for answers:

  • How can I see my content performing?
  • How are my ads performing?
  • Who are my most profitable users? What do I do with that info?
  • Where are users dropping out of the funnel?
  • When I push a new feature or initiative, how can I easily see what happened?
  • How can I do all this without a PhD in Astrophysics or needing SQL?

Here's a Sneak Peek of the
10- Week Growth Plan

  • Week 1 : Understand You, Your Business, Processes, Team & Goals

  • Week 2 : Understand your Customer, & their Behavior Psych

  • Week 3 : MarTech Consulting, Suggest & Purchase Marketing Tools

  • Week 4 - 5 : Typography, Integration & Setup of all Tools

  • Week 6 : Defining Customer Journey & Mapping with Sales Funnel

  • Week 7 - 8 : Content Creation For Inbound Marketing Campaign

  • Week 9 : Marketing Automation for different Customer Journeys

  • Week 10 : Grand Finale: Putting Together a Growth Story with Analytics


Lusting over the newest tool, trend, technique or advertising platform is great, but without deep analyzing how this tool will affect the business and decision making can lead to wasted time, money, energy and results that simply won’t meet your expectations. This is where we come in, to consult you with the right technology that builds your solid customer tracking & nurturing infrastructure.

Our 10 – week program costs includes one time strategy and setup of inbound marketing nurture i.e. marketing automation workflows, email templates, audience segments, customer journey, campaign setups, content creation and analytics/reporting for these campaigns. Any advertising costs will be separate.

Yes, we will help in complete onboarding of your internal team for tools and campaigns setup at an additional cost.

You are now ready to see collective results of all your campaigns in a single place. The dashboards created by us will help you answer trying questions for your business growth. We will also give you a 12 month digital marketing plan to continue building and optimizing for growth.