Case Study

A global leader wanted to launch its communications products in the Indian market. Using a combination of
Linkedin Ads + Facebook Ads + Whatsapp Automation we created an omnichannel strategy to target small and
medium-sized companies in India and nurture them to convert them into qualified leads to be handed over
to the sales team. Using this approach we were able to build a system of generating 400 leads every month.

cost per lead via Linkedin + Facebook ads combination as compared to $120 per lead just through linkedin ads

qualified leads on a monthly basis


Boosting brand awareness and sales by lead magnets

Use the winning messaging and convert this messaging into a full campaign to target Top of the funnel, Middle of the funnel and Bottom of the funnel with ads and emails




The lead quality has been great due to a combination of strategies working together on Facebook, Linkedin & Whatsapp. Whatsapp automation reduced the turnaround time to 5 seconds (which previously was 1 hour). Focused audience targeting on Facebook has helped get more quality leads

Retargeting users with Linkedin ads has been a great step in lowering the CPC’ which went extremely high during the festive season in India in the month of august
Our messaging has seen a great response in the number of visits to the client's website

Using UTM and google analytics, we were able to measure the attribution of traffic from all sources and audience types and tested a mix of campaign objectives including leads, engagement, downloads, video views, and traffic. The team built single-image photo ads with creative that showcased the brand’s products with audience avatars. Each ad included discounted pricing for the product and an option for “request a quote” for full company setups.



2000 people downloaded the Lead Magnets which positioned Sangoma as a thought leader.

Linkedin Ads + Facebook Ads + Whatsapp Automation brought together

$35 cost per lead via Linkedin + Facebook ads combination as compared to $120 per lead just through LinkedIn ads

15% month-on-month growth in email list

400 qualified leads on a monthly basis

12-point lift in brand awareness

"Marketing mix modeling analysis allowed performance-focused businesses to leverage granular data and formulate effective strategies, making it an ideal solution for us to grow the Indian Market"

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