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51 Stupidly Easy Ways To Increase Your Online Sales

TIPS to improve your strategies and increase conversion rates in 2021.

You have a product. And a website too. But still struggling to get the desired amount of sales?

Not anymore. Well we bring you some TIPS to improve your strategies and increase conversion rates. Use these 51 tips to stay ahead of the game.

It is a good long list of ways, so I suggest you first grab a cup of coffee :)

Let’s get started.


#1 Include live chat to increase sales conversions

Using a live chat is one of the best ways to get in touch with a customer instantly. This is a quick engagement method that helps you in lead generation. Real-time chat helps in understanding customers better and addressing the issues fast and effectively. It helps in quick conversions as it is a real-time sales assistance. You can personalize your  approach to target customers based on their behavior like in cases where they have spent a certain amount of time on a particular product page or pricing.

According to a report by PSFK, 74% of customers prefer chatbots when looking for solutions to simple queries.


# 2 Include maximum payment methods 


This is an easy way to boost sales, especially if you have more traffic on mobile websites. So make it easier for the audience, give them as many payment options as possible. Not everyone uses the same kind of payment methods. Therefore include maximum methods especially the ones that are popularly trending.


#3 Work on making website’s user experience better


The better user experience will give your customers an easy and pleasant use of your website. It will further create more opportunities for your clients to interact with you.

For example, a streamlined checkout process will make visitors buy  your products. The easy to navigate website helps in increasing sales. In case the website doesn’t offer what the user expects then you are likely to lose revenue.

So it’s important you pay attention to the details of the website, the smaller ones as well as the bigger ones. Here are some pointers to look out for:

#4 Remove sliders from your Website


If you want to increase sales then get rid of those image sliders on your website.

They surely help in displaying the big product range. But the studies have shown that it puts off customers and makes them leave the website. Instead focus on above the fold space that helps in promoting your single most important message.


#5 Include Customer Testimonials 


Include Testimonials and reviews from your happy customers. This helps in achieving a favorable perception of your brand in customers mind. It will potentially overcome hesitations if there is any and influence buying. These testimonials should appear on your home page, landing pages, product pages, pricing page and can be used for social media advertising.


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#6 Focus on Unique and Quality content for lead generation


The important factor of creating a unique and quality content is understanding the audience, their behavior and addressing their issues. It is way more important to have a quality content to give you long lasting benefits. The quantity alone doesn’t matter. Google weighs heavily for the quality and looks of the content. In terms, how well it serves people searching for the similar content type.

Carefully design your content with a deep research and analysis, and present offer a unique content that others don’t offer.


#7 Determine your sales goals


The foremost step to increase sales is to determine your goals clearly. It means the percentage of growth you want to achieve in line with your revenue goals. Before that, have a baseline idea before defining a new sales target for the future. 


Conduct a thorough market research in order to understand your target market segments, their goals, problems, and buying patterns.


Create a buyers persona and then create customized content keeping in mind their priorities, wants and needs.


Now accordingly outline your strategies to increase online sales and conversion rates.


#8 Sales Copy: Be Honest and Do It Right


Modern day customer is someone who is hard to fool around. Then how to deal with your business’s shortcomings?



When done rightly, an honest sales copy can help in building trust and gain potential customers.

A classic example of Volkswagen beetle


In the era, where everyone preferred cars like these 

 3-2  4-3



How do you sell a car that looks like this?



Well, VW did an honest advertising and became a successful brand in history.



Image Source


Writing Sales copy should not be a one-time practice. It needs to rework and evolve regularly as per your target audience. 


#9 Have a clear brand messaging 


An average reader will stay for 15 seconds on your page, therefore it is essential to create a clear brand value for your audience. 

It is a unique value proposition that compels them to buy a product or service.

Make sure you have a consistent messaging across all your offerings, designs and perspectives.


#10 Include trust icons and build authenticity


To increase sales don’t overlook the value of trust icons or trust badges. These badges quickly gauge attention and help in conveying the message effectively and positively.




#11 Create a Sense of Urgency

This is done in order to influence a buyer to buy from you right away. 

Sometimes people are just plainly looking, there is no urgency. So, in order to motivate the audience to take action you need to create Urgency.

For example, offering free shipping, discounts, limited-edition offers and others. You can also use Display countdowns for seasonal sales.


           Image Source


#12 Money-Back Guarantee


Money-back guarantee helps your brand gain the competitive edge in crowded industries. Sometimes there are perceived risks while making a purchase like if the product is not likeable or if it doesn’t work, etc. 

Giving money back guarantee helps in overcoming such fears and lets a buyer make a purchase.


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#13 Less Options To Choose From


Offering a variety of products at times leads to indecision, resulting in lost sales. It is better to give a few options that help in better decision making. 

The logic is, the more choices makes the decision making process difficult because we are constantly thinking about buying the best. Also, while doing so our mind is constantly thinking about what we are missing out on.


A very famous experiment has been done by psychologists to prove this. People at a grocery shop were divided into two groups.  One group was offered 24 different types of Jam compared to the other group, who were offered only six different types.

As a result, the group with 24 different choices attracted more customers but just 3% purchase. On the contrary, 30% of people bought with fewer choices.


In case you have a wide range of products, structure your product page in a way that a visitor has fewer options to choose from.


#14 Consistent Messaging Across Campaigns and Website


Consistent and clear messaging is very important while communicating with your prospects. This helps in building trust. And trust can’t be built with contradictory statements.

Therefore make sure you have similar messaging across all your campaigns, sales copy, websites and other marketing collateral.

This will help customers to relate to your brand easily and will increase conversion rates.


#15 Include FAQ to Answer Every Question 


Include a variety of questions covering product or services details, pricing, business hour, and others. FAQ saves time of both customers and clients and will help in taking immediate action.


#16 Value Proposition that resonates well 


Genuinely saying, Customers don't care about your product? But, how does your product make their life better?

A value proposition should be of utmost importance while you communicate with your customers. It gives you a competitive edge that why your audience should prefer you over your competitors. 


Therefore research and research a lot, before making sales collateral and other related marketing materials. This will help your brand to connect with your prospects and will help in increasing sales.


Image Source


#17 Use the Voice of the Consumer


The language/tone of your social media and PPC campaigns can have a tremendous impact on your conversion rates.

Use the voice of customers to resonate well with them. It is a technique to align your marketing collaterals with customers’ expectations and needs. 

This will help you in building a powerful content that will generate greater leads and conversions.


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#18 Attribution and Conversion Paths


Sometimes when everything is set up well but still your conversion rates are low. This happens due to misjudgment of where and what platforms you need to be on. Therefore, do a detailed analysis of each attribute of your marketing campaign. You may come up with some interesting findings like the paths customers take to complete a conversion. It also tells you the number of days and interaction took to convert a customer.


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#19 Easy return policy


It is an important and well-thought through process you do while making a website. The easy return policy will help in  eliminating any confusion about the product and encourages clients to make a purchase. Therefore communicate your return policy to consumers in a way that they don’t fear a risk of buying a product and then not liking it. This encourages making purchases and will increase sales.


#20 Use Audience language


For better conversion rates appeal directly to your customers. The best way to do so is using their voice in your language.

Of course, it can be a task to quote potential customers directly.

But this can be achieved by conducting interviews with existing customers. Find out the reason they purchased the product and the problem it solved in their life.

Using these reasoning, you can create a sales page that converts higher than ever before.


#21 Images are Important to Use


Images make a huge difference in conveying a message. A well-suited image can make a campaign successful. Images are easier to consume than text content. They quickly create a perception in the user's mind and influence them to take action. 

Consumers are 60 times more likely to make a conversation with a brand that has an image.

Therefore use them wisely to your advantage to drive sales.


#22 Remove Navigation bar from checkout process


Navigation bar at the checkout process gives consumers the opportunity to move away from the sales process. This will result in the loss of sales.

Therefore move buyers seamlessly from product to checkout page and eliminate navigation bar.


#23 Contact Us Page


Many brands pay special attention in designing their Contact Us page. This is due to the fact that contact pages get more views than other sections.

The other reason is support is, it is the beginning of your relationship with other customers.

The best practices to keep in mind while designing the contact pages for your brand are:


  • Keep it simple and to the point. Do not hinder it with too many barriers.
  • Make sure it is easy for customers to get in touch with you. Only ask essential details(name, email address, and their message. 
  • Do not include the mandatory mailing address and phone number. This immediately turns the customers off.
  • Make it look aesthetically beautiful. It is from here they create the first impression of your business.


#24 Improve the quality score of PPC Ads


Quality score is very important for paid search marketing campaigns. It tells the quality and relevance of keywords you are using and your pay per click.

The good quality score helps you save time and money and helps in converting consumers into loyal customers.

To improve the quality score:

  • Know all the factors that you need to work on
  • Improve score by designing ad groups into more targeted campaigns.
  • Research what keywords to use and their importance to users
  • Write high quality adwords
  • Make smaller ad groups
  • Expand your text ads by adding long tail keywords


#25 UP your emailing frequency


Sending regular email is the best way to stay on your consumers mind. This helps in building contacts with your existing customers. This way they will be in constant contact and can be pushed towards making a purchase.

#26 Drive relevant traffic using social media


Social media can help you reach the untapped audience. Some relevant points to help you in driving traffic from social media

  • Promote User generated content. For example if your customer has clicked a picture with your product, then promote it on your page.
  • Influencers are likely to drive sales. They are the trusted people in promoting your product.
  • Provide valuable and engaging content to your audience. It should be compelling enough to drive the sales of your product.


#27 Try to Understand Your Target Audience


Understand who your audience is in the first place. Before doing any segmentation on demographics and types of target audience.

It is simply a group of people who will react positively to your product or service.


  • What does your audience prefer?
  • What kind of people are you talking to?
  • How do these people talk and what platforms are available?
  • Most Importantly. How do they choose products?


#28 Target Lookalike Audiences on Facebook


To increase sales the data of your existing customers will help you find the similar audiences.  Their behavior and characteristics are similar to your existing database audience. This brings in the opportunity to tap new customers. 


It is one of the effective and easy methods to increase your pool of potential customers.


For better ROAS, Read our blog.

#29 Use Quality Product Images


Click quality pictures and from every angle, as at times people are curious and explore a lot, especially when making an online purchase. 

Appearance makes a lot of difference, it is like how we perceive things to be. 

A well-presented food will surely increase your appetite.

Invest in good quality images to increase sales.

#30 Free Giveaways


Everyone wants free stuff. Offering something for free can attract customers. 

Look at what you can offer for free, like free trials, memberships, heavy discounts or sample products.


It is a great way to boost sales as you tempt people to buy more. This helps in creating a positive perception of your brand.



#31 Target Detailed Buyer Personas


It is very important to create a buyer persona. Having a detailed research of buyer persona will help you carry out customer acquisition and retention effectively. It will help you in content creation, product development, sales follow up, and also help you in running successful digital campaigns. 


Social media advertising offers you to filter the audience based on their personas  like the square footage of their home, the university from which they earned their degree, and even where they are planning their next vacation.



#32 Tiered Pricing 


Tiered pricing is a lucrative pricing strategy when done well helps in increasing sales. Usually restaurants trick consumer's minds by pushing them to buy mid-range dishes. In most cases, people subconsciously avoid the cheapest and the expensive dishes, they generally order  a mid-range dish. Similarly to push them to buy a mid-tiered option you accordingly have to strategize your product pricing.


Image Source


#33 Include an Opt-In Pop-Up Offer


This helps in attracting consumers to browse more through your offering and effectively help in increasing sales. The other benefit of using these pop-ups is you are building a database of your prospect clients. This database will further be used in email marketing. You can have more potential sales in future when people sign up for newsletter and loyalty programs.


Customers who are in a dilemma to make a purchase, opt-in pop-up offer helps in persuading them to make buying decisions.


#34 Active Engagement with Prospects on Social Media


Engaging with clients on social media is at times neglected. But it can proved to be one of the most effective ways of becoming a preferred brand, building trust, and increasing sales.

Imagine the times, if you post a comment on a brand’s page and you receive a response from the other end. This will immediately change the perception in your mind and you are more likely to make a purchase from this brand.


Therefore an active engagement on social media could help you build an authentic relationship. It will create a positive perception of your brand and will surely help you in increasing sales.


Image Source


#35 Work with social media influencers


Social media influencers are the most trusted community online. Collaborating with influencers will help you gain good product reviews, customer trust and higher conversion rates.

Their reviews are perceived as one of the genuine as they are the common people coming from the audiences itself. Therefore it helps immensely in driving sales online.


#36 Pricing Strategy and Discount Offers Will Help In Driving Sales


Price is the driving factor while making a decision of buying a product. It could also lead to creating a perception about your product or service. Like a low priced product could be of cheap quality. So strategize your pricing strategy keeping your customers behavior in mind, how they feel about the product. 

Offering discounts, rewards and good deals will encourage consumers to make purchases.


#37 Use Ad extensions to get more clicks


Ad extensions help in achieving greater visibility and prominence on the search results.

This helps you in writing more features about your product- giving customers more reasons to choose you. It even helps in making bigger ads offering more space to click. 



#38 Eliminate Landing Pages


Use Call-Only features for social media ads and eliminate the step of landing page. Most people don't want to spend time browsing pages on your website instead they just want to get in touch with you.



#39 Try Gmail Ads 


If you are reaching out to the audience on social media or when they are searching you, now you have an opportunity to flash in their inboxes as well.

The effective ways of doing so is targeting competitors keywords. Prospects that are receiving mails from your competitors, targeting the same brand terms you can show up in their inboxes and hopefully change their mind.


#40 Boost up sales with Mobile responsive websites


Mobile search volume has outnumbered desktop search volume. It is crucial for your business that your site is optimized for mobile. Navigation and user experience are the important factors to look upon. Make it as effortless as possible so that your customers can buy from you while they are on the go.



#41 Send a follow-up email to all your customers


To earn a loyal customer base for future sales, use a nice follow-up procedure, especially in case of new customers. Many brands are made not only by pricing and quality they offer but also based on their after sales services.


Whenever someone makes a purchase, you can send an email with a detailed summary of their order including a link to other relevant products.  Send a follow up email to remind them customers about the upcoming renewal of subscription. You can also ask for feedback or any other query they have and make it a great shopping experience for them.



#42 Use Remarketing Campaigns


Remarketing or Retargeting is an important strategy of any digital marketing campaign. It helps give you the opportunity to once again tap the customers who have clicked on your banners or visited your website in the past. It is one of the most effective ways of increasing sales online.


Image Source


#43 Community Forums to boost online sales


Community forums are often the best ways for marketers that provide a lot many queries and topics of interest.

Quora is one such platform built on the Q&A functionality. It is the great way of reaching the target audience and interacting with them about their issues and confusions.


Image Source


#44 Personalized Emails Help You In Increasing Conversions


Sending personalized newsletters is a great way to reach out to your prospect client. It is considered one of the best ways of increasing your sales. The reason is people are often looking for the exclusive deals and offers your brand is offering.

It is important to come up with deals or any other interaction time-to-time to stay on the top of your client’s mind.

Personalized email automation tool can be of big help. This will help in follow-up with customers based on their behaviour and tailored-content.


Image Source


#45 SEO Helps IN Expanding Reach


SEO is a low-hanging fruit for websites. It can be of great help in reaching prospects and can help in good conversions. It is a strategic way of optimizing your website around certain keywords, so that you rank higher in search results. It is the source of external traffic for content sites and has proved to achieve the highest ROI. For a detailed view, Read the blog.



#46 Affiliate Programs: the cost effective digital strategy


A successful digital marketing strategy doesn’t complete without an affiliate program. It helps in sharing your message among a wider audience. It is a cost effective digital marketing strategy as it is a performance-based activity. This means you only have to pay when your affiliate partner will help you in getting sales.


#47 Google Shopping Is Highly Rewarding Strategy  


It is one of the best strategies because it is considered to bring better quality leads and higher conversion rates.

Google displays your products in the image search results and puts you directly in front of the prospect audience. So whenever a user makes a search, Google matches it with your product and displays it. So the changes of purchase become higher.


#48 Add Useful CTA


CTA is one of the most inbound marketing tools. From anchor text, links, buttons, or downloads; CTA motivates clients to take desired actions. This makes the prospect to move further down the sale funnel to make a purchase.

But be clever while doing so because using too many CTAs on one page can turn their interest away. Customers have expectations that your CTA will deliver, therefore do it wisely  and aptly.


#49 ABT: Always Be Testing


If you want to keep growing and evolving then developing testing for your creative, offers, formats, and strategies is an essential thing to do. It will help you come up with surprising facts about your prospects and customers. Testing can be carried out every month and prioritize what to test first. This will help you in increasing effectiveness of your campaigns


#50 Reduce Waiting Time


Research shows that more than 40% of people leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Fast web experience is the requirement in today time as people quickly want to pay bills, make purchases or book a ticket.

A fast website will help you navigate through your website easily and quickly.

This should be your primary goal. Investing heavily on products and developing a website will be of no use if the load time of your site is slow. This instantly puts off the customer and makes them exit the website immediately.


#51 Declutter Website Navigation


Since you want your customers to focus on call-to-action, therefore ensure you declutter the navigation menu on the website. By eliminating the navigation elements, you highlight and direct your visitors towards CTA.


This increases the checkout process and helps in increasing conversion rate. The idea is, the visitor doesn’t get distracted from the main purpose of the page.


We can help you better with increasing your online presence. 


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