Case Study

The renowned UK store for kids' dungarees brand launched their online store in the US using Facebook
and Instagram ads, and saw 14% greater shopping intent to buy from dynamic ads with kids wearing
dungarees as compared to UGC or catalog ads


Greater purchase intent with dynamic ads 


Increase in reach with boosted post approach for the middle of the funnel audience
that directed from the brand’s handle


Acquiring new customers

Kids Dungarees brand, headquartered in UK, helps kids enjoy their outdoor play and makes perfect childhood memories in Dotty Dungarees in super soft fabrics to allow your child to be carefree and creative all day. DottyDungarees wanted to reach new audiences, acquire new customers and increase sales.



Dotty Dungarees has been running ads for the UK store but wanted to elevate the brand in the US and make its campaigns more efficient. So we decided to test using animated videos with messaging that resonates with moms.

The brand built a three-cell split test consisting of

Cell 1: Business-as-usual product-focused ads published from Dotty Dungarees handle
Cell 2: Ads with dynamic creative images instead of catalog ads
Cell 3: Ads with animated videos with fun music of children playing wearing dotty dungarees

The business-as-usual photo ads featured shots of the brands and UGC content. The ads included messaging about “Made to grow with your child, Perfect for outdoor adventure and Sunday Best & Never go out of style”

The ads were targeted to parents US adults, including those with an interest in online shopping for kids. We also run ads to custom audiences of past purchasers, people who initiated checkout online but didn’t finish, and people who engaged on social media, as well to a lookalike audience with characteristics similar to online product purchasers. The team used automatic placements to deliver ads across all placements based on which were most likely to drive the best campaign results at the lowest cost, and campaign budget optimization to automatically distribute the budget across the best-performing ad sets in real-time.

HubSpot Video


Huge appreciation of the product among Doctor Community & increased brand awareness amongst women suffering from Migraine attacks

Social Media Marketing, Shopify Store Optimization & Omni-channel eCommerce marketing brought together

4.5% lift in online sales

4M users showed interest in video ads

15% month on month growth in email list

12-point lift in brand awareness

10-point lift in purchase intent

"It’s important for us to understand how different audiences – respond to the US store, both during Mega Sale Days and less competitive shopping seasons. The consumer-mix modeling study results have opened our eyes to the impact of media investment and the importance of spending across multiple campaigns and ad formats."

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