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10 Reasons why Digital Marketing is important to grow your business

Here are 10 reasons why you business needs digital marketing.


For the last three years, the number of internet users has increased at the compounded growth rate of 5%. Consequently, people have adopted new shopping patterns and their exposure to ads has changed. Well, you can say that it has been digitally transformed.

Print campaigns have become a thing of the past and have been replaced by their internet-based counterparts. The ads that we earlier saw on billboards, we now see them on our electronic devices. 

Here are 10 reasons why that’s a good thing for your business: 

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1. More Cost Effective than Traditional Marketing

The biggest problem that small businesses face - the limited budget - is countered with digital marketing as the only cost associated here is time! 

Small businesses struggle to get off the ground because of their limited marketing budgets. But, digital marketing provides a workaround. It can cost $0 if you’re willing to invest the time. 

So, it’s a given that your blog posts, SEO, social media handles will not deliver results in a week. But unlike print ads, they show their magic without any other hidden costs. 

2. Earn People’s trust and build Brand Reputation

Digital Marketing tools like websites, social media pages, consistency in blog posts have been time-tested to make brands more reputable over time. 

As per Internet World Stats, there are over 4.3 Billion internet users across the globe. Another report by Clutch reveals that 2 billion of those users are avid online shoppers. 

So, if you want a piece of that cake, you need to build a trustworthy brand. Digital marketing just makes that easy for you.

3. Opportunity to go global via the immense exposure provided   

The internet knows no boundaries. So, you need not limit your customers to a particular geographical region unless you want to. 

In other words, digital marketing empowers you with the tools to create a global brand and market your services to any corner of the world. 

4. Most people are starting their buyer’s journey online

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Businesses need to align themselves with the way people shop now. 

The Lyfe Marketing Report says people 88% of shoppers consider online reviews to be the most important factor when making purchase decisions. 

23% of consumers even end up visiting a business after reading encouraging reviews. 

These numbers elucidate why creating online customer journeys have become so important. 

So, even if you own a purely brick-and-mortar store, developing customer journeys online is a worthy endeavor. 

5. Digital Marketing helps you connect with mobile customers

Gone are the days when TV ads and print media commanded the most viewership. 

Nowadays, most people use their mobile phones to supplement their decision-making. 

Digital marketing strategies are congruent with this change as well. They help you target mobile users through several channels and create better leads. 

6. You can easily and quickly adapt your strategy and tactics for best results

The importance of digital marketing lies in the fact that you can get instant results, analyze data and make quick changes to reduce wasted ad spend and lost revenues.

7. Directly Reach audience interested in your business

57% of the millennials agree that social media has enabled them to see ads that they’re interested in. 

48% of them revealed that their last purchase was completely based on Facebook Ads.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that data-driven digital marketing enables businesses to create highly personalized and laser-focussed targeting; ultimately paving the way for the best ROI. 

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8. Easily track and monitor your ad campaign 

Another awesome advantage of digital marketing is its capability to be tracked and monitored. 

Complete details about who went through your ad, how your audience engaged with it, their response, the time for which they lingered on the ad, other actions prompted by ad, direct sale in response to that ad; everything can be tracked. 

Based on that information, you can prime your next marketing campaign for better results. 

9. An impressive ROI and increased conversion rate

Digital Marketing is a conversion machine. 

In fact, email marketing alone delivers a 3800% return on your investment. 

And that’s not where the good news ends. 

Around 20% of global companies are witnessing 70$ for every dollar invested in digital marketing. 

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10. Many of the competitors are taking advantage of it

Another important factor to deploy digital marketing is that all your competitors are already doing it.

By neglecting digital marketing, you are automatically setting yourself up for failure. 

The Takeaway

Digital marketing is a valuable asset for your business’ growth. 

A strong online presence has become a non-negotiable prerequisite to business growth.

That's why digital marketing matters and if you need help harnessing its full potential, Book A Free Strategy Session.

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