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Top 39 Martech Tools that will Instantly Boost Your Website Traffic - Learn from a Marketeers Experience

Learn about the best martech tools for lead generation, digital marketing, marketing automation, abm and analytics.


Technology is evolving at an incredible speed and the resultant breakthroughs have enabled the machines and specific tools to process and analyze information the way one could have never thought.

AI powered tools are a great boon to the business and it has been estimated by McKinsey Global Institute’s research that AI could deliver an additional output of $13 trillion to the world economy by 2030, which would boost global GDP by nearly 1.2 percent a year.     

Recently the marketing world has been abuzz with plenty of new high-tech prospects, most notably Machine learning and artificial intelligence. Gartner study estimates that in 2020, 30% of the organizations are using AI in their sales and marketing processes.

Let’s discuss the martech, its plus-points and the best martech tools to help you in making better informed decisions.    

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  What is Martech?


 Top 39 Martech Tools that Boost Your Website Traffic


 How Many Martech Tools Do I Need?


 What is Missing from My Current Stack?


What is Martech?


To keep the pace up with changing trends and purchasing behavior of prospects, Marketing functions are getting more and more dependent on the technology.

The good news is that leveraging the power of AI, several SAAS tools have been  developed to meet the needs of modern marketing & for the amelioration of your organization.

Assisting in highly targeted, personalized advertising campaigns, expanding to offline stores, and finding the best growth opportunities are the best use of these tools.      

Such Marketing technology tools are collectively termed as Martech. Learn everything you need to know about MarTech. Read this guide.


Top 39 Martech Tools that Boost Your Website Traffic


We are commonly confronted with questions like, “What are MarTech tools that will instantly boost my site traffic?”

After rigorous research, to provide a sure-shot solution, we have come up with Top 39 Tools for your Martech Stack in 2020 and categorized them based on the usage. 


Best Martech Tools for Lead Generation:


1: Linkedin Sales Navigator

martech 2

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The best tool for finding the right audience, Linkedin Sales Navigator, has a host of benefits to offer.

martech 3

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With options like saving the leads and accounts required to be monitored, kinds based alerts, effective filters for highly targeted leads, efficient search options, options for finding similar prospects, and automated mails to the leads, marketers can find the right prospects.  

2: Lemlist

martech 4

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The email automation and cold outreach software enables one to send cold emails to the targeted audience. It is generally used by SaaS companies and a majority of the entrepreneurships to streamline the lead generation campaigns.


The easy to use tool with zillions of B2B and B2C profiles is the best one for creating client’s database for your organization. 

martech 5

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Seamless allows the extension which can be easily integrated with the web browser without needing to install the complete program.

4: Builtwith

The technology based data creation tool, Builtwith, with the effective analytics and tracking, helps you in procuring the important data for your organization.

martech 6

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Apart from A/B and the advertiser tracking, Builtwith also helps in Application Performance, Audience Measurement, Call Tracking, Cart Abandonment, and Conversion Optimization. All these are related to create a technical database for the organization.

5: Google Ads

The blue blooded king of the advertising world needs no introduction and is almost used by all the organizations to get in front of the customers who are seeking similar services. 

Google Ads helps the organizations greatly in searching and displaying ads on Google search results. Users are required to pay only for the results like clicks or other calls to your business. 

martech 8

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One of the best in class dashboard provides the best possible information that helps a lot in assessing the marketing campaigns and to fabricate the strategy for future plans.

6: Facebook Ads

The most  prominent social media website with more than 2.6 billion active users world-wide, out of which 281 millions are only in India, Facebook proves to be the best medium for advertising as well.  

Businesses are leveraging this amazing avenue for paid advertising of their businesses.

7: Zapier

martech 10

The easiest way to automate the work, Zapier allows you to integrate the leads with your CRM applications. It can easily connect various applications at one place to automate the repetitive tasks.

8: Drift

martech 11

Easy to integrate and a very effective solution to interact with the prospects, Drift enables one to add a chatbox on the website.

The AI powered application understands the common question and automatically replies the query from the organizations’ side.

9: Callrail

martech 12


Callrail is an efficient platform for tracking the calls, and provides one with deep insights into the calls, conversations, and conversions.

The application can also be paired with other marketing tools and is trusted by more than 1,50,000 businesses worldwide. 

10: Typeform

The web based platform can help you create anything ranging from surveys to apps but the best application is in creating conversion-optimized web form for the website.

Collecting and sharing information is eased to a considerable level with the help of typeform. 

martech 14

Assessing a huge amount of data it provides one with the most important and in depth analysis.  


Best Martech Tools for Digital marketing - SEO Tools, Social Tools & Content Tools


11: Buzzsumo

martech 15

This powerful online tool enables one to find the most popular topic & content on the internet.

This content and topic research tool informs one about the topics and analyses the topics on the organizations website and social media handles.

Based on this information, Buzzsumo helps in creating highly engaging content to attract better leads.

12: SEMRush

martech 16

Leveraging the keywords and traffic analysis, Semrush enables one to run smart marketing campaigns and gain better online visibility.

This SEO tool is trusted by a large number of businesses worldwide as it also tracks the keyword strategy used by the competition, runs an SEO audit of the blog, looks for back-linking opportunities and several other useful functions as well.  

13: Ubersuggest

martech 17

Ubersuggest eases the right keyword search and is a free service that shows how the keywords of the interest are being explored and suggest other words that can contribute to the construction of a better performing content.  

14: Moz

martech 18

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs).

15: Keyword everywhere 

martech 19

Keyword everywhere is an effective tool available in form of browser addon which easily inform about monthly search volumes, CPC, competition data across multiple websites.

16: Check my links

martech 20

Check My Links' is an extension developed primarily for web designers, developers and content editors, which crawls through the webpage and looks for the broken links.

17: Quora 

martech 21

With quora one can publish the content using specific keywords and can also target the questions to specific quora users. With paid accounts one can place his businesss ahead all.

18: Later 

martech 22

Later is a social media scheduling tool that works with Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

The best part about Later is that it's free for up to 30 scheduled posts per month. The Payment is required for more than 30 posts.

The application easily manage your timely social media activities.

19: Buffer

martech 23

Buffer is the application to be used on both mobiles and computers, designed to manage accounts in social networks, by providing the means for a user to schedule the posts; and analyse their results and the engagement with the related community.

20: Sprout Social

martech 24

Providing a single hub for all your social media publishing, analytics and engagement across various profiles and platforms,

Social Sprout  proves to be the management and optimizing platform for the brands.

21: Hubspot Marketing Pro 

martech 25

One of the most effective marketing tools, Hubspot Marketing Pro also provides the options of social media management in a highly professional manner.

22: Hootsuite

martech 26

The social media management application which covers every aspect of social media marketing and management. curating cool contents and scheduling posts all the way up to managing team members and measuring the ROI, everything is possible with Hootsuite.

23: Canva

martech 27

Canva allows one to collaborate and create unique and engaging images, suiting to the needs without worrying for the copyrights. It has both free and paid services.  

24: Uberflip


This content project management platform  enables marketers to create digital experiences with content for every stage of the buyer journey. It includes blog articles, social media, videos, eBooks into a responsive interface with CTAs.


Best Martech Tools for Marketing Automation & Inbound


25: Hubspot Marketing Pro

martech 29

The concept of inbound marketing was developed by Hubspot and when it comes to marketing automation and inbound strategies, nothing can beat Hubspot Marketing Pro.

The very easy to use interface for the most sophisticated performance makes it the first choice of all marketers.

26: Pardot by salesforce

martech 30

Pardot by Salesforce offers powerful marketing automation to help marketing and sales teams find and nurture the best leads, close more deals, and maximize ROI.

27:  Marketo

It is one of the most powerful marketing software which enables the marketers to master the science of digital marketing and engage the customers and prospects

28: Clevertap

SaaS based customer lifecycle management and mobile marketing company, Clevertap with its strong marketing automation strategies, retains the users with engaging advertising to the right audience.

29: Clickfunnels


Clickfunnels is like a complete marketing and sales team in one application. It helps create your website and a highly converting sales funnel in a short time span. 


Best Martech Tools for CRM


30: Salesforce

With the ultimate CRM solutions and an integrated cloud technology, Salesforce is a highly effective, all in one platform for sales, services, marketing and several other useful features. 

31: Hubspot CRM

martech 35

The free CRM application enables the sales and marketing teams to get free unlimited access and with highly efficient tools helps to elevate their productivity. 

32: Pipedrive 

A very easy to use cloud based sales  software is also known as the first CRM application to be made by salespersons for the sales professionals. Pipedrives enables the users to visualize the sales process and get more done in less time.

33: Microsoft Dynamics

martech 37

Microsoft Dynamics is a cloud-based business applications platform that combines components of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), along with productivity applications and artificial intelligence tools.


Best Martech Tools for Analytics


34: Google Analytics

martech 38

Google Analytics is the most widely used application for tracking the website activities like session duration, pages per session, bounce rate etc. of individuals using the site, along with the information on the source of the traffic.

35: Mixpanel

martech 39

With a specific free version and free trial of the premium application, Mixpanel provides a detailed real-time insight into how people are interacting with your website or the products and services.

36: Amplitude

martech 40

Amplitude is a product analytics service that makes it easier for companies to understand user behavior, ship the right features and improve business outcomes.

Amplitude makes it easier for product teams to understand their marketing and business intelligence and use the information for better business decisions.

37: Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics allows the automation of customer engagement, and helps in analyzing, segregating the information and engaging the prospects- all in one place.

It produces very easy to read reports and has very simple interfaces. 


Best Market Tools for Account Based Marketing

A simplistic answer to the sophisticated question is using Hubspot and Terminus for the purpose.


38: Hubspot

martech 42

Account-Based Marketing is a growth strategy in which marketing and sales work together to create personalized buying experiences for a select set of high value companies. 

ABM marketing application by Hubspot makes selling to high value  accounts easier than ever. 

39: Terminus 

A full funnel account based marketing platform- Terminus serves as an end to end command center for targeting the right accounts with dynamic data, engaging them with unified multi-channel campaigns, activating sales by separating signals from noise, and reporting on the revenue outcomes that matter.

These are the best martech tools as per the difference in their applications.

Now the question arises, “What tools every Marketer should have in his Martech stack?”


How Many Martech Tools Do I Need?


It depends on business to business, but ideally one needs a set of 3 - 4 martech tools to build an infrastructure, where the customer journey, nurturing the journey via inbound, and retaining them with analytics, can be tracked

Consider these two types of solutions which you can choose for your business. These two situations generally fit all business types.

Solution 1:

This includes 4 tools

  • Customer data platform - Segment
  • Marketing Automation System - Autopilot
  • CRM - Salesforce, Pipedrive
  • Analytics - Google analytics, Mixpanel

This solution includes a customer data platform which tracks your customer events and actions and passes it on to your marketing automation system, that then nurtures it via inbound and converts to sales qualified and passes it on to the CRM for the sales team to finally close.

All these activities, actions and results are then saved into the analytics dashboards for the business owner to review.

There are lead generation tools and digital marketing tools that are very specific to each industry so we cannot generalize them here.

But if you have the above 4 tools seamlessly integrated, then no matter whatever tools you use, your marketing campaigns will show you the results you’ve always wanted to see and your metrics will show you information that you had no idea about.

It’s an extremely powerful setup and works for most of the businesses.

Its monthly costs will be around $1000 - $1500 depending on your users and MOU’s

Solution 2:

This is the simplest solution for any business to apply and the best part is, you don't need to learn to use multiple tools and keep track of their logins. 

Even if you are a b2b or a b2c business, this solution takes all your pain away.

You only need 1 tool - Hubspot.

Hubspot offers CMS for website development, landing pages and blogs, the best marketing automation system for inbound marketing and account based marketing, super simple CRM for sales team to adapt and effective analytics dashboard that tracks all metrics that matter.

Its monthly costs for about 5 users is between $800 - $4500


What is missing from my current Martech Stack?


Usually businesses miss the biggest piece to make their digital marketing campaign run in the most effective manner. This missing piece is the Marketing automation system and the tools for digital marketing. 




Digital marketing and the analytics are of paramount importance for the success of any organization so the martech tools are undoubtedly need of the hour.

Automating the system to facilitate a seamless workflow, and the in-depth insights from a huge amount of data to make informed decisions, are the best attributes of them.

One musts first assess the business needs and based on the information provided for each tool, select the best one for the organization.    

Tell us about your business and we will help you set up the right MarTech Stack for your business.


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